Welcome to The Introvert’s Journey, a lifestyle blog on exploration, self-discovery, & new experiences. I’m Kelsie and I’m just a girl in her twenties with a passion for writing & storytelling. I’m a former military brat who has always had a love for travel & I created this blog to share my experiences & adventures with you in hopes that it will help you on your future explorations! I also blog about PNW lifestyle content, my fitness journey, food, culture, diversity, and of course anything & everything travel related!

I’m a full time worker/part time traveler hoping to inspire others in my situation to make as much time as you can to follow your passions in life no matter how busy you may be! Self-care & and doing what you love & inspires you is so important & something I feel we often neglect. I hope my blog can help you in any way! For more about the blog & about me feel free to check out the About tab! Thanks for stopping by & happy reading!

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Allow me to introduce myself…

Allow me to introduce myself…

FYI: This introductory post is long, and I mean really long. I apologize ahead of time.

My posts will almost never be this long, but this is my introduction to everyone, and I wanted it to be pretty informative. Now that you’ve hopefully accepted my apology, let me formally welcome you to The Introvert’s Journey and I hope you enjoy learning a little about me and the purpose of this blog:

Have you ever told yourself you were going to do something and then proceeded to avoid it at all costs? You keep telling yourself multiple times a week, that you’re finally going to do it! …But then you get distracted by other things or just completely forget. Something would come up and inspire you and you think to yourself “Yes, today is the day!”, only to keep prolonging it or suddenly become too busy with other responsibilities and obligations. Sometimes you avoid it just because you’re feeling lazy or extremely discouraged. Well, that is what it’s been like for me and this blog. A big part of my procrastination is because I wanted this entry to be perfect. It is my introduction to the world, the first piece of work that will be judged by anyone who has the internet and happens to come across my blog. That’s kind of intimidating when you think about it, I mean nobody likes to leave a bad first impression, and nobody truly enjoys harsh criticism. At a point you realize, sometimes you just got to do it, get it over with, and not worry so much. You have to make time to do something you love and enjoy. Do something that will enrich your soul. Do something just for you and hope for the best! That is what this blog is going to be for me.

A chance to do some soul searching, and to document my journey and process through it all, and hopefully attract an audience that can relate. I am in a good career field right now, but not exactly what I went to school for and always dreamed about. I have a lot of different passions and goals in life that I hope to achieve within the next couple years, and focusing on writing is at the top of the list. My hopes are that this blog will help me explore, discover, and help open the doors to some of those dreams. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting or find me relatable enough to keep reading!

I have been wanting to start this blog for a long time. I have come up with so many ideas for the direction this would go, and I decided to make it a little more general (at first), but in a way that hopefully others like me could relate to or find some of the topics compelling, useful, or inspiring. It’s hard to start a lifestyle blog, as people have to find you interesting or relatable on some level. You have to keep your life entertaining or write about topics that people want to learn about. My life is in no way, shape, or form constantly entertaining! I hope it will be one day soon though. While this blog is going to start off this way, my hopes will be that it’ll steer into a more focused direction as I get closer to certain goals I have set for myself in the next couple years (i.e. travelling, living on an island, and a certain business idea I’ve been stewing on for quite some time). 

Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about myself, if I still got your attention.

I’m a young woman. I’m an Asian woman. I’m a woman who believes in female empowerment and social justice. I say all these things, because, while I want to identify with a broad audience, I would also love to speak to a niche in my potential audience that I am proud to be apart of. It’s come up briefly over the last year or two, especially with events like the Chris Rock debacle at the Oscars this past year (no one seems to bat an eye at Asian stereotypes and jokes), but there are not a lot of prominent voices when it comes to the Asian audience. When it comes to Asian women, forget about it! On top of this I am Southeast Asian. In particular I am Cambodian, and my mom and her family came here in the 1970’s during the Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge Regime, it is a sad history that I enjoy sharing and educating others on because so many have not heard about it. In general, Southeast Asians are so obsolete in the media that I would love to help give a voice for such a beautiful and broad portion of Asia. A portion that everyone loves to travel and vacation to, but never truly takes the time to learn and get to know about the people and their culture. I feel that many Southeast Asians are discriminated against by Westerners and East Asians alike for our darker skin, different facial features, and associate them with “lower class” which is far from true. I’m really proud to be Cambodian and proud to be a woman this is why I want to make it clear that I am a Cambodian American female writer. I want to be a voice for Asians and I want to be a voice for women. My identity affects my writing, and I am a full disclosure kind of girl, so always keep these facts in mind! We may not always agree and see eye to eye, but I want my blog to ultimately be a safe environment for myself and any potential readers alike. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get some ranting and raving “man hater” or “social justice warrior” with no open mindedness or consideration for other people’s thoughts and opinions. I love intellectual discussion and debates and fully welcome it.  Anyways, my blog isn’t focused on stuff like that, I just wanted to throw it out there because I can’t promise it won’t come up from time to time. There are a lot of real world issues going on, and though my blog isn’t aimed at those types of discussion, I cannot say that it will never come up.

Moving on…. Just some basics. I’m a University of Washington-Tacoma Alumni, I live in the beautiful state of Washington, and my current day job is in the commercial real estate appraisal field. I grew up as a military brat, and was very fortunate to have been able to travel growing up, and the travel bug has definitely stuck with me. I always try to be kind to others but I am also not afraid to speak my mind. I’m a worry wart and I obsess over little things (something I am working on) and you may see that from time to time in my posts. I like to have fun and I do enjoy social interaction…but I also lean greatly towards introversion, and I normally prefer one on one or very small group settings.  I am someone who enjoys staying in and watching Netflix all weekend with her boyfriend, and I enjoy alone time. I am someone that likes small, deep, and thoughtful one on one conversations and prefers to blend in when there is a crowd. I may seem quiet at first, but I can talk for hours if we get to a topic that I’m really passionate about and once I get comfortable with you. I can feel a little awkward in big scale social situations and I can’t handle big crowds for a long period of time. I get annoyed, stressed out, and tired but even in those situations that I don’t always want to be in, somehow I always manage to fake it and come off as pretty damn confident, or maybe mean? I’m not sure which one honestly…I do have rbf so I’ve heard which is “resting bitch face”, for those who don’t know the term! But that’s the thing about me. You would never guess how insecure, reserved, and introverted I was if you just saw me in a crowd. Above all else, I hate when others perceive me as vulnerable or fearful, so in a crowd I hold my head up high and stare straight ahead. I tend to almost always have “rbf” without realizing it…but at the same time I have a smile that could light up the night sky (people say it’s my best asset, so I’m just going to go with it! Swear I’m not cocky in the slightest), and I NEVER look away in a stare down. So even though I am quiet, nice, and kind of shy, I am weird…I would rather come off as aloof, even unapproachable, because I don’t want others to mess with me. This is one of the many things I am working on.

As I mentioned earlier, I grew up as an Army brat, travelling a lot, so I can adapt pretty easily to new environments and I can hold a conversation and create new friendships…I probably won’t start them though. My  introversion is challenging, and I can’t really explain it, but I’m sure it’ll explain itself as this blog unfolds. All the complicated introverts in the world, this blog is for you. I hope you enjoy and can relate to my quirks, my weird habits, my sometimes social awkwardness (it’s hard to notice, but it’s there), my deep tangents about life and oddly specific topics, my different interactions with diverse groups of people, how I can go from extremely quiet to quite the talker once I feel comfortable, how hard it is for me in work settings where you have to be social and interactive, and the things that give me slight anxiety or that I worry about that only other introverts could truly understand. Join me on my journey as I work on these internal issues!

Just a few more things about me…I touched on the fact that I am in a relationship. I won’t go on to much on that only because I’m sure this blog will end up being unintentionally filled with him and moments of us. We are very serious, committed, and we live together…oh and very much in love! We have been together since October of 2012. It’s inevitable not to include him sometimes, we are a big part of each others lives, but I’ll try my best to not be too annoying and/or mushy! His name is Joe by the way, and he is the most amazing best friend, partner, and lover I could of ever asked for! 


I’m also a foodie and I enjoy trying new cuisines, especially international food. I love to cook and bake, so you may see some of my recipes and cooking adventures from time to time. I am very passionate about culture and travelling, as mentioned earlier, and my dream is to find a way to get involved and to help make a positive impact on underrepresented and impoverished populations, and also local/small businesses from all over. Bonus if I can find a way to help women in underdeveloped countries, and also sexual assault victims. As mentioned earlier, I have a business idea I’ve been toying around with, and who knows maybe this blog will help me enact it in the future. There will be plenty of travels on my blog (local, statewide, and international). There will be plenty of local Tacoma/Seattle adventures and PNW outdoor adventures. I love promoting small local businesses, and I regularly seek them out and will give you guys the inside scoop! I love working out, and I do my best to eat right and stay fit and healthy and will be posting about my fitness journey quite often. I also love animals, we have two fluffy cats, one of them knows tricks, so you may see her in the blog every now and then! Most of all, I am trying to break out more and interact with as many people as I can. You may see plenty of interviews with people on this blog during my travels as I try to break through my comfort zone.

There is a lot more to me, I could seriously go on. Its funny because I can only do this in writing. If you ask me to tell you about myself in person, I will totally freeze up! This blog post is a lot longer than I intended (I did warn you!). I don’t intend to have my posts be this long. On occasion, but not the norm, so I hope this doesn’t scare you away. While I would love for people to read, relate to, and enjoy this blog, please keep in mind that (at least for right now) this blog is for me. This blog is going to be therapy for my heart and soul. Something I can work on and perfect each day. If it can touch a few people’s hearts and minds and inspire some, that is an AWESOME bonus, and my ultimate goal! I’m going to try my best to write about interesting, relatable, and/or somewhat unique topics and be as informative as possible. Hopefully one day I can aim this blog at being more of a travel and cultural lifestyle blog, that is the ultimate goal!

Well, I’m signing off for now. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you give me a chance and hang around for awhile 🙂 Any support would be so greatly appreciated! I hope to get to know some of you along the way as well!

Until next time,



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